Saturday, 10 May 2014

Felt triangle necklace with stitched beading

One of my favourite ever creations is a small black beaded purse. But it took ages to hand sew all those beads. But I think the technique I used gives a really beautiful finish.

Look at it - all that jumbley beadiness.

Anyway, following on from last week's post, and wanting to create another necklace that I could wear to work, I thought I'd use this technique on a smaller scale.

Here's how ...

I started by creating a template out of paper for the size and shape of pendant I wanted to create. And then cut two of this shape out of felt. 

No need to add any seam allowance, just make the shape the exact size you want and cut it out.

Next I added the jump rings to the front panel. To do this I used a stitch unpick tool to create the holes, resting on a folded up tea towel so as not to put a hole in my table. I made sure that the hole I created was near enough to the edge to allow the jump ring to fit but not too near the edge so that it would split the felt.

Next step was to find a range of different shaped small beads from my stash. I chose some different sized seed beads, some sequins, some small faceted beads, some small cubes and some bugle beads.

Right, time to start sewing. No pattern just sew on the beads. Any order you like until the whole piece is covered. 

Next step is to give the pendant a bit of stability. Cut out a piece of card using your paper template. I just used a tissue box that was in my recycling bin. Once I had cut it to the size of the template, I then trimmed it by about 3mm all the way round so that it was slightly smaller than the felt pieces.

I slid it between the two pieces of felt and started stitching the back piece to the front piece using backstitch.

The last step was to measure some chain to the length I needed and then cut this in two, attaching each end to a clasp using jump rings and then finally attaching the chain to the pendant.

Here's the finished piece.

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