Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mollie Makes pretty glitzy shoe clips review (& hack)

I have to admit the minute I saw this months free gift with Mollie Makes magazine I was not enthused to make it. I had to convince myself that I should just make it and not care about the end project.

Why was I so reluctant? ...

Well ... in a practical sense I just don't have any shoes that shoe clips would go with ... but mainly they are just not my style.

But I thought 'let's just give it a go, I might learn something'.

So I cracked open the packet and found the instructions in the magazine and attempted to make the shoe clips.

I followed steps 1-3 of the instructions but when I gathered the net together in a circle it just left gaps between each of the pieces of netting, which I didn't find aesthetically pleasing. So I pulled it all apart and started again, overlapping a bit more than last time. But that didn't look good either.

What to do? ...

Well I could have just stashed the free gift in my craft cupboard somewhere, but that seemed like a bit of a waste.

In the end I decided to 'hack' the free kit and make my own design.

Here are my instructions...
  1. Follow steps 1-3 of the Mollie Makes instructions and do this again with the other pieces of netting.
  2. Place one netting circle on top of the other ensuring that the gaps are not in the same position.
  3. Stitch on one of the shoe clips.
  4. Cut two circles from the felt, using the gem as your template (why was the felt included by the way? None of the instructions referred to it.)
  5. Stitch on one the felt circles on the front side.
  6. Find some assorted beads in a complimentary colour from you stash. Stitch the beads in a random nature to the felt (I cover this technique in my post about my felt necklace design)
  7. Trim two sides of the remaining circle of felt so that they are flat. Stitch this piece of felt to the back covering the shoe clip.
  8. Et voila, one flowery clip on brooch - perfect for coat button holes.

I'm way more likely to make use of this than the shoe clips and I think it looks great.
Sorry Mollie Makes, this free kit just wasn't to my taste but at least I didn't let it go to waste.

Do you make the free gifts that come with magazines?
If not what do you do with them? Have you ever 'hacked' the parts to make something else?
It would be great to hear your thoughts.

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